London Sampler
The reconstructed Globe doesn't look all that reconstructed from the outside. I'm pretty sure the Starbucks isn't original.
On the second level stage entrance
Illicit picture of the groundlings and stage. The show did not go on. Marc Antony had a medical emergency compelling enough that they stopped the show, disappointing some understudy. A couple of months later I got a newsletter than he'd survived the unnamed crisis.
Underpass near the Eye. In movies, when they do the helicopter shot moving down the river, the Eye looks 10 stories tall.  In fact, it's a dink. Barely two stories. I couldn't believe I was really seeing the Eye. Sharon had to keep pointing out that based on the map, it couldn't be anything else.
Next to William the Conqueror's armor looking just as stiff.
One of a number of Tube PSAs about how words sound stronger when typed and read without context.
Sharon and I in the lobby, each doing that thing we do.
Bond. James Bond.