The apartment was my first AirBnB experience.  4th floor apartment with kitchen, laundry, two bedrooms, spacious living room, and, um, a street view.Walking distance from the Barbarini Metro stop.
Coffee shop next door where we had breakfast each morning. The coffee guy does magic tricks with the plates and spoons.  We were lucky to meet him his last working week before he retired.
That moment when you leak dogs. Termini train station on the way to Naples.
Sort of. It won't get you to lost and found. This is what happens when a non-native translates.
Surprisingly, there are still Hare Krishnas about. Got a pamphlet to be sure.
Florence: Gates to Hell. Dante lived here from birth (1265) to exile. The Florentine nobles who expelled him ended up in circles around Satan.
Fountain of Trevi (detail)
Vatican. I got Sharon the chair because the Vatican is endless.  There's accessible route through the maze of corridors, with a few of the necessary signposts.
 I ended up carrying the chair up and down 8 sets of stairs. 
Some enabler walking by handed this guy a bottle of vodka out of the kindness of his heart. 
The Bronze Boar, symbol of Tuscany.
Getting settled in Florence was nontrivial. Made my way from the train station to the Duomo B&B I'd located on Google. No reservation. Weak signal, spend 45 min. retrieving the rez data from the phone. Turns out the rez was for the other B&B called Duomo, a few blocks away.  Called the number on their web site. Disconnected.  By now it was after 10PM, which was the cutoff time for getting a key. There was a different phone number on the rez that worked, and the owners actually picked up. The next day wasn't any smoother.

I'd taken the train to Florence a day before Sharon to take an all-day walking tour of Cinque Terre. No tour. The company had cancelled without bothering to tell me, or where I made the booking. Gave the a black eye with Viator. Blessing in disguise, though. Spent the whole day working on the world's next great fantasy novel that I won't be able to complete until I retire.

St. Peter's Basilica inside and out.  Wish I had a camera and the technique to do justice to the world's most beautiful interior.

 This is the only pic that's close enough to what I saw to be worth posting.

Ice cream store, Via XX Septembre. Pay inside.