Took bus from Naples train station to trailhead to the crater. View from the first bend in the trail to the summit.

Doubleclick me for a panorma looking down the hill to the parking area.
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The prayer says, please don't do that again.
Top of the trail. Long, steep, windy and freezingly cold (see video). Below is the view down the slope.
Vesuvius is the only European volcano to have erupted in the last 100 years. It erupts explosively. It has erupted 42 times since 79AD. In 62AD there was a major earthquake. Six hundred sheep died from the H2S emission
Outer crater wall. The H2S is still coming.
From vents atop the inner crater wall
Naples-population 3,000,000-is located 5 miles from the summit, proving that mankind is incapable of learning. This is the most heavily populated volcanic region in the world.
Bay of Naples. The Government is trying to get people away from the mountain, demolishing illegal construction.