Los Angeles 2010

Catalina Island

First stop: My annual dive on Catalina Island. Beach at Avalon--the only town on Catalina
Did a dive through the kelp forests (think Harry Potter) Avalon Harbor


Getty Museum

Side trip during SRF Convocation
Getty Museum - Atlantis Rebuilt
Garden of love
View of LA from the Garden Bouganvilla trellis

Venice Beach

Up to no good Backflip over five kids

Junk sculpture No comment
 My new career Excellent steel band 

Olvera Street
With fellow meditators Jim (retired HR VP who's brother is hot in the New Orleans jazz scene) and Steve (who is also a fellow CSCer) chowing down at Olvera Street, another side trip Best Mariachis I've ever heard.  Turns out there were there to film a Toyota commercial, and do a dumb travelogue episode--you know, the kind where the host makes himself look dumb trying to play the guitar--and were working the restaraunt waiting for filming to start.
Sharon was along and immediately glommed onto the cast and crew and began interviewing them. She got the crew to pose for us.  Steve's comment: "Ah, if only we could get Sharon to come out of her shell."

Santa Monica

Field trip to Chinoise on Main, Wolfgang Puck's asian fusion restaraunt in Santa Monica. Sharon took the pic.  The parking valet is relativistic parking jobs where the car only fits in the space because he's going so fast. Finally, a pic of Sharon! We ran up a huge tab (Grilled salmon with black and gold noodles, Roasted Cantonese duck with fresh plum sauce and steamed bao, Grilled lamb chops with cilantro vinaigrette and mucho other dishes). Jim ordered the wine and picked up the tab.
There's always a celeb at Chinoise..Mike Li had Keanu Reeves ask him to borrow a chair...here's Barbara Boxer looking stressed. And of course there's always me.


Ad fail.
From the Westin Bonaventure, where Convocation is held. I suppose the intent was to invoke Rodeo Drive..but would you wear Rodeo Perfume?
Swamis on the beach, Encinitas hermitage.
Ram and Jill came for the first day of Convocation, bringing home-cooked South Indian food (Ram is from Chennai). Sharon hates this pic because she's glaring at the camera, but we live in a democracy and for 2 out of 3 people it's the best pic. Stained glass window in meditation mandir on Hollywood Temple grounds

La Crescenta

Drove to La Crescenta (hot dry really out of the way northwestern addendum to LA) to see the house my parents moved into when the got enough money to move out of South Central. Went to the door and told the lady that if she ever tore down the block wall in back, she's find some box wrenches I dropped between the cracks in 1956. She was renting; the family we sold it to in 1958 still owns it. Looking north from the house. Used to walk up this road to get to kindergarten. We had 80 mph winds from the mountains sometimes; I'd raise my jacket and try to fly. I remember telling my mother "I flew to school on a purple comet and made the lights flash on and off" (I also tried to summon lightning).  My mother replied "Well don't ever do that again!", leaving me with the uneasy feeling that maybe I'd misjudged the boundary between what only I could see and what was seeable by others.

Other Stuff

Sharon (2nd from left) has a schizophrenic daughter, who has a schizophrenic friend in LA (next right) who calls her Mom and shoplifts trinkets and mails them to her. Her friend (far right) is said to "keep a gerbil under his hat", which I always assumed was hallucinatory, but isn't. Damn the toilet paper thieves!
Pollo Loco bathroom in Orange County