New Holland 2010

I usually ride up to Amish country for the annual Summer festival--motorcycle rally and BBQ competition my brother in law does. (4th in brisket this year in a field of 72). The teams are named things like Dizzy Pig and Fowl Mouth
Free Range - Brett's team Ready for the judges
Wrapping up ribs, he sees the Pagan's White Power patches and calls them over--"Hey Mr. White guy!" The Pagans were impressed enough to want Free Range to cater a party. Tyrell pointed out that since some of them were wearing White Power patches, they might get in trouble for bringing him to the party. They had to admit the point.


My cellie Frank's wife and kid check out the bikes. Mat tries out my bike.
Amish grilled onions Miscellaneous entry in the bike competition. Let's face it, this isn't a West Coast Choppers kind of show.


Bike from 1935  


It's a hybrid!
Reminds me of "Bessy", the Rolls/truck combo that Travis McGee rolled.