Visit Paramahansa Yogananda's India

With Ram Lakshminarayan

 No tour buses or tourist hotels. India as it really is.

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Make a pilgrimage to the holy sites mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi and Mejda. Your guide is an Indian SRF devotee who lived in Calcutta & Ranchi for well 30 years, and has taken many individuals and small groups on customized tours. Choose your destinations, and Ram will make suitable itineraries, arrange lodging and travel. You will travel by train and rickshaw cart as Master did, and stay in clean, inexpensive hotels in the old cities where the sites are, rather than expensive tourist hotels on the edge of town. Most of the expenses would be on Pay-As-You-Go basis; thus you will have total control of your finances.

Concerning cost, Ram asks you to cover your own travel expenses and his. Typical costs per day are USD15 for food, USD10 for misc. and USD25 for lodging where necessary. Train transpotation to a different city typically runs from USD20 to 40. This is only indicative for the purpose of budgeting and not payable in advance. Only pay-as-you-go. Ram would appreciate an honorarium of whatever amount you feel appropriate, but does not set a fixed fee for his services.

  Kolkata (Calcutta) Dakshinesar Ashram   Dakshineswar Ashram on the Ganges

Visit Master's Garpar Road home and meditate in the attic room where he first found Divine Mother. See the location where Babaji materialized and the alley where he escaped to the Himalayas. Choose a treat from his favorite sweet shop. Walk Serpentine Lane where he located the reborn Kashi.

 Stay in the Dakshineswar ashram on the shore of the Ganges and attend classes and meditations led by SRF swamis.  Visit the Kali Temple where he saw Divine Mother.

Visit the levitating saint's home, Master Mahashaya's school, and Bishnu Ghosh's yoga college. These are only a few places out of some 30! In addition, whole day trips can be organized to Ghurni, Shri LM's birth place, Tarakeswar-Ranbajpur-Serampore, Dihika - Master's first Ashram, etc.

  Puri   Jagannath Temple in Puri
    In addition to YSS & Shri SY's Ashrams, stroll on the sands as mentioned in Cauliflower Robbery, Temple of Totapuri - the Guru of Sri Rama Krishna Paramahansa, Puri Sankaracharya's Ashram, Sri Krishna Chaitanya's Temple, among others.
  Ranchi     Samadhi Mandir             Jagannath Temple in Ranchi
    A walking tour of the places as mentioned in "I return to India". Visit YSS Headquareters, and Tagore hill, the home of Rabindranath Tagore.  Time permitting, we can visit the Shri Ananda Moyi Ma Temple, Ratu - the king of Ratu gave stage building stuff to Guruji for demonstrations/lectures.  Visit the school that Guruji founded, as well as the ancient Jagannath temple nearby. You will stay in the Ranchi ashram.
  Varanasi (Benares)
    Varanasi is considered the most spiritual city in India. Visit Lahiri Mahasaya's home. See the well-worn steps Yoganandaji wrote about. See the Bharat Dharam Maha Mandal temple where he became a probationary disciple under Swami Dayananda.  Feel the holy vibrations at Dasaswamedh ghat under which Mataji still resides. The octagonal balcony where Guruji saw Sri Yukteswar while visiting him and his mother, the burning ghat , and aarti for Mother Ganga in the evening at Dasaswamedh Ghat. You may be able to participate in the worship by ringing one of the bells.

You can also visit the attic where Mukunda discovered that the bangle left to him by his mother had disappeared, presaging his meeting his Guru Sri Yukteswar, as well as the tomb of Trailanga Swami.
  Brindavan - Agra
    Stay in spiritually vibrating temple accommodations.  Visiting the places mentioned in TwoPenniless Boys in Brindavan, day trip to Taj Mahal.
  Dwarahat Stay at the YSS Ashram built especially for pilgrims to Babaji's cave.  Visit Babaji's cave.  Time permitting we will go to Pandavkoli mountain plateau, Kosani for gorgeous sunset, Nainital where Guruji fled following his Mom's death.  The location of Tiger Swami's Samadhi is on the way.  
  Hardwar  Rishikesh

    Rishikesh is the site of the Ardha Kumbha Mela. Visit  Shri Ananda Moyi Ma's sacred tomb, caves where Jesus spent time and meditated during those 'lost years',  walking  by the Ganges, and participating in the ancient ritual of Ganga Arati, are the highlights.  
  Other Destinations We can also visit Jaipur, Delhi, Simla, and many other places in South India at your discretion.
RAMJI  WAS THE KEY I was looking for! 
 I wanted to experience India as an Indian lives… not as a gawking tourist.  I wanted to ride the lower class train, sleep in a  bunk and share breakfast tea with strangers, sip chai from street vendors, and shop where the bicycle rickshaws purchased their neck scarfs.  Ramji was splendid in his arrangements to meet my heart’s desires.  We totally avoided all touristy hotels, restaurants and “tacky fake tourist shops”.   We experienced  all of Master’s places in a very humble and incognito fashion. Thank you Ramji!  My three trips with you were all in Divine Order!! Contact me at

I met Ram at the end on 2004, just a couple of months before my first trip to India. I am 100% sure that it was Master who put Ram between me and the trip to India. I was very afraid, if not actually scared, about this travel… I had heard of the thousands of problems that other SRF devotees had in their trips to India and this YSS local guide (and above all a member of our worldwide SRF family) came to my life at the right moment!  Ram had already visited most of the places linked to Master’s stories in the AY, moreover he is a great expert of Indian trains and transportation in general, so the real best solution for anyone wants to visit India. He is a very trustworthy devotee with a keen eye on expenses. With him I was able not only to visit standard sites mentioned in the AY, but also other places where nobody will take you there, such as for instance the village of Ranbajpur where the sleepless saint, Ram Gopal, met our Guru, or the isolated village of Giri Bala, the saint who never ate, and many others. If you need any further info on my two blessed and successful trips to India in January and October 2005, please feel free to mail me.

Ram gave us a wonderful four week tour of Yogananda's India. He knew and managed all the details. He took us back in time to when Master was there. We had time to feel it, meditate, linger, talk and visit with locals, We soaked in the India experience, literally getting our feet wet   along the Ganges at different places from the mountains to Calcutta. Ram knows how to do the inspirational adventure comfortably without the high tourist fees. -Highly recommended. Inquirers may email us for more information. Steve and Rudelphina Wilkinson

 I met Ram in Australia and knew he was my ticket to India. We stayed a few days in the Dakshineswar ashram, visited the Kali temple, and saw Ramakrishna Paramahansa's asham. He hired a driver and took us around Kolkata. I was amazed that he knew where everything mentioned in the Autobiography and Mejda had happened. I meditated in the attic where Guruji first found Divine Mother--and saw the place of the rice challenge. Traveling with him meant overnight trains and cheap but clean hotels in the inner cities. The tourist hotels are on the outskirts and traffic is bad. We also visited Ranchi, Varanasi, Serampore, Brindaban, the nearby Taj, and at my request, the forts and cannons of Jaipur. We also stopped at Tarakeshswar. The vibrations from the stone were like standing in a strong wind. I'd recommend this kind of travel to any devotee who is able to walk and climb steep steps. Rin Saunders Contact me at

In January, 2017, I was able to fulfill a dream to visit India on a pilgrimage to the places where Paramahansa Yogananda lived and journeyed during his lifetime.  It was my first time to India.  My friend had been before, with Ramanathan.  Luckily he was available at the time we wanted to go.  Ram customized our plans and produced an itinerary that was full, do-able and sensitive to a first-timer's needs around culture shock, foods, and preferences.  He took care of setting up trains, hotels, taxis etc.  I was overjoyed to be able to stand and breathe the air in places mentioned in Guruji's AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, around which the trip was planned.  We were blessed to travel and see so much in a short amount of time.  Everything was neatly planned, organized and executed.  When we needed to adapt, Ram was right there to make any necessary adjustments.  He is deeply knowledgeable and devoted to Yogananda's work and travels.  The bonus of traveling with him, in addition to his knowledge of India, its customs and the language, was that he knew places from the Autobiography that one would never see on a regular, commercial tour.  Although we experienced so much, our actual expenses were far less due to Ram's spend-as-you-need system.  We paid in advance only the actual costs of train/airfare/hotel/taxi reservations before landing in New Delhi.  Ram is an excellent guide, deeply steeped in the culture, language and understanding of the needs of travelers.
Rhonda Slota

I was on pilgrimage to  India with Ram in 2017. There were 4 of us including Ram. As I had been to India with another guide a few years previously,
I expected the same experiences. I was very pleasantly surprised by Ram’s knowledge of all the pilgrimage locations as well as new ones that others knew nothing about. I highly recommend Ram as your guide to Masters ashrams. He is the best!
Susan Siegel

If you are a member of SRF/YSS and wish to visit the holy sites of India, you could do no better than to hire the services of Ram. His extensive knowledge of details concerning Master’s life in both the AY & Mejda and of all the Guru’s, was deeply appreciated as we toured the country and the sacred sights. Not only can he show the most obscure places in the drama of Master’s life but he is a wonderful guide. Ram is utterly professional, kind, capable, considerate and caring, as well as unfailingly honest. He made us feel safe at all times. Ram's devotion to Guru and the teachings creates a wonderful energy to tour with. My husband and I enjoyed our time with him immensely and now consider him a friend. We cannot recommend Ram enough. Please feel free to contact me at for any further information. Jai Guru, Denise

Ram is an ideal guide to help plan and lead devotees on pilgrimage in India.  Like many others, my pilgrimage included visits to sites significant in the life of Paramahansa Yogananda.  Ram’s knowledge and intuitional understanding of travel in India made me feel secure in the unfamiliar environment.  Being able to travel in such a small group (just three including Ram), allowed us to accommodate unexpected events and individual preferences.  Ram went above and beyond expectations when I lost my passport on the last day of our trip.  I would have been lost without him, and surely would have missed my flight home.  Ram stayed an extra night in Delhi to make sure I was able to secure a new passport and visa.  Obtaining a visa from the Indian Consulate required guidance, intervention, and assertiveness on Ram’s part which I remember with much gratitude. Wendy
I traveled to India for the first time in 2013. There were only three of us traveling with Ram. He took care of everything for us, including booking overnight trains which need to be booked early. He will customize to where you want to travel. He is a devotee and well known at Master's Ashrams. Being born and raised in India he knows many of the languages too. We all felt very safe and so well looked after on our trip. He even made it possible for us to stay at the large portable YSS Ashram at the Kumbh Mela, which was my favorite part of the Kumbh Mela experience.  He encouraged us to read the AY way ahead of time so we would decide where we wanted to go and be very familiar with Master's special places.... He was very flexible too. On the spur of the moment I had such a desire to take the train that Master would have traveled on to go see his Guru, Sri Yukteswar in Serampore . He said yes, and had the driver he hired for the day  meet us there.  It was a trip of a lifetime for me. Thank you Ram!   Please feel free to contact me, Robin Moseley.

I'm delighted to hear that Ram will be returning, full-time, to leading Pilgrimages to India. He was an exceptional guide during my two month pilgrimage in 2007. Not only was Ram adept at arranging very reasonable rates for hotels, trains, planes and dining but also his fluency in the languages and familiarity with the local customs were distinct benefits to those of us who traveled with him. My trip to India also included visiting friends from Kolkata to Chennai. Ram was uniquely able to assist me in scheduling and securing transportation to joyfully reunite with them. Best of all, Ram has a deep knowledge and connection to Paramahansa Yogananda's beautiful shrines and ashrams. Thanks to his guidance I had a safe, memorable and inspiring pilgrimage After we retire it is my desire to make another India Pilgrimage, this time with my dear friend Mary Anne.  Ram would be our guide because of his personalized care and dedication to serving Yogananda's devotees. Sometime in the future I again look forward to being greeted by Ram at the airport with a garland of flowers and depart India under a shower of rose petals.  I highly recommend Ram as an excellent Guide to India and all it's sacred sites.  Please feel free to contact me at if further information is required.