Salinas Grandes


From Purmamarca we drove this road to the Altiplano while I pestered Gautam with "Ya llegamos?" (Are we there yet?). I got sunburned here in nothing flat right through SPF 50. What a difference 13,000 feet make. I've always forgotten that I's a failure of nature...I should be brown like everyone else in LA.

(Gautam: As an Indian I didn’t used to get sunburn. But that changed, thanks to the shrinking ozone layer, even as far from the South Pole as Buenos Aires (35 S. Lat.). Here, at the Tropic (of Capricorn), I was spared.)


The altitude made me a little dizzy. Wild guanaco by the roadside--llamas are a domesticated variant of guanaco.



Dry lake bed. Thunderstorm over the Andes.



It's not snow--it's salt.






Soluble souveniers


To Tilcara