I stayed in a villagio run by an Italian family in the farming village of Potrero.

The neighborhood
Town square

The world's most useless road sign.

This sign ("Bridge in bad shape") replaced the sign near John Wayne Airport ("Low flying planes") at the bottom of my list.



Tough chick at the town plaza
Hanging out after work. One sign of improving Spanish was that overheard conversations were beginning to open up. Walked past a group of men in hamocks with a woman shaking her fist: "You can't let your friends use my house! It's my house!"
I love this house.

The Villagio

My room inside the compound
The roads aren't paved, but you can get gelato.


Villagio guard 7AM - 7PM
Villagio guard 7PM - 7AM
Technical career, anyone?



We got out! Cows blocking the schoolbus. Angry farmer chases them back with a stick.
That night: Bomba! We got out again! Yuiyuiyui!
Secret squirrel cow


Sunset over Playa Potrero

Sunset over Playa Potrero