So I walked up to these guys and asked "Se puede tomar una photographia de yo sentado alli?" To which they replied (British accent) " Um, do you speak English?" So I had to break my no-English rule.
The Alhambra (red fort) was begun in the 800s and completed in the 1300s by Moorish rulers.  Ferdinand II of Aragon conquered the Emirate of Granada in 1492 (!) during the reconquesta with overwhelming force; Muhammed XII surrendered without a battle. (He was known to the Spaniards as "Boabdil"..could this be the source of "Bombadil"?) Above: the palace of Holy Roman Emperor Carlos V.
View of Granada from the Generalife ("garden of the architect"). Man this looks like LA! But it's the Sierras not the San Gabriels, and the haze is dust entrained by the wind in the surrounding desert. (The Irvine Spectrum is modeled on the Alhambra's Court of Lions!)
Pictures of castles and gardens
This looks a lot like the Taj, the must have stolen the concept.