Funky Madrid

Shoe grab! Don't go in there! You just went to confession!

Busted for Fortune Telling?
They're discounting. She's not.

Where's he get the Goth backpack?

Had to have the Very Funky with my Ghetto Gang shirt. Unfortunately they were sold out in both L and XL.
Art flash: El Greco wasn't nearsighted..he was just painting what he saw. A lot of people have this build.  Surprise, art world...El Greco was a realist.
Thought I knew who the tourists were, but that quickly broken down. Even the guys with dreads speak no English. Wanted a pic of the 70-year-old headbangers with grey big hair and bullet belts, but couldn't get a discreet shot of sufficient quality to use.

Get the ink and you might get the bike...isn't it usually the other way around?

Surprisngly, didn't see anyone I knew.

In the Metro: The best Texan food is no longer in Texas.

Speaking of which, set next to an interesting guy at an outdoor grill.  He'd had three glasses of wine got redfaced about immigrants taking US jobs. Turns out he's a computer science professor at a college outside Austin. We talked about the future of the profession--there's not so much custom coding any more, it's mostly integrating large commercial packages like SAP and Oracle. Asked him if he was feeling pressure from on-line enterprises like the University of Phoenix. He said no, students want the immediate feedback you can get in a classroom. He teachers computer literacy (i.e. MS Office) to business majors and COBOL for computer science majors--which sounds like malpractice except that most of his students go to work for insurance companies (which have flocked to Austin) where Sumarian is still spoken.