The festival took place on the mall on the weekend of the Smithsonianís Native American museum. Very well attended even on wind-down afternoon.Lots of making-it demo booths with everything from traditional stuff (flutes) to contemporary. Central and South America were well-represented.


The real star for me was the vendors in front of the museum.Fell in love with the artwork of an Oneida woman.Spent far too much on a couple of original watercolors.Hope to put them on the site eventually.In the mean time, you can get an idea of her style at But know that her best work far exceeds whatís on the site.





The Dineh Tah show they can dance blindfolded.(OK, I recognize the difficulty in becoming a mythic figure in a small village.)



But these guys won my kewl regalia award.


Como hacer un charrango.


Rear of the museum. Pretty different from the beau arts style of the rest of the Smithsonian buildings.




For the last 3 years, thereís been a 9/11 ride on the Dulles runways and taxiways.

Hereís Los Dudes from this yearís run.


We do the album cover thing.



The airport shut down the south runway for us.The runways donít seem that long at plane speeds,

but at 15 mph, they were a significant ride.



Down the taxiway through the fire department arch.


Ride photos courtesy of Da Taz.