Los Angeles Convocation 2000 Pictures





Hollywood Hills above Griffith Park.














12-inch Zeiss refractor at

Griffith Park













Downtown LA from














Hugo Ballins

Frescos inside the planetarium.

The wire supports a Foucault pendulum.






Something I thought I’d never see this lifetime: the LA subway system.  They even call it the Metro.







Every station has unique artwork reflecting the neighbor-

hood. Here’s Pershing Square.










This sculpture of moving light is at Union Station.  Next year, I want to see what’s at the barrio stops.







This art exhibition by children who’s mom’s in jail is sponsored by a local artist and the LA County Sheriff’s office.














Generic Olvera Street scene.













The triumph of the mad engineer—I plan to use this mural as wallpaper.










View of Cal State Fullerton from my hotel window.  A moment before I took this, there was a bluejay amid the blue jacarandas.  Gotta stop trying to compose a shot that has the lifetime of a pi meson.











Same moral here.  Just missed a flock of crows passing over the nets.









Just south of Laguna beach.












Shoreline south of Laguna.













Laguna cliffs.

















Downtown LA: Pershing square from my hotel window, looking out over skid row.








Dome and mural from the new Transportation Center at Union Station.  LA’s done great stuff with light rail, the subway and express busses since I left in 1973.












All friends from this point.  Connor McCaleb presides.  Brian is reading him Tom Peters for bedtime.






Steve Simpson and his Brady Bunch.












Closeup of the senior Simpsons.