Los Angeles Spring 2002


Went a million places, saw a million people, didn’t take a million pictures. 

But here’s what I did take.


Pasadena: Extravagant Easter brunch at Cal Tech, where Charlie is a visiting physics professor.

Back in Arlington, Liz says to say hi to her family.



Hi, Liz!  From the clubby confines of the Cal Tech faculty club.

L-R: Mary, Charlie, Alice, Katie



Plotting how to get everyone to move to LA.


Flowers on the Cal Tech campus


What’s the equation of this locus?


Pacific Palisades: The Lake Shrine Temple and Retreat


New temple overlooking Lake Shrine


Looking down into the lake from the temple.


View into the canyon from the retreat building.


Monterrey Park: LA’s new Chinatown

Rounding the restaurant parking lot, I encountered lotsa piggies and one Chinese cholo.

Of course, I had to eat lunch here!


Joshua Tree

Ever since I started camping here in college, this is the place I come for answers to the unanswerable.


Big cholla against the hills.


(For those unfamiliar with cholla: it’s why cowboys invented chaps. The spines feature microscopic barbs that are impossible to remove without dragging skin and/or muscle along. Spines seem to attach magically with no contact at all.)


Cholla garden on the south side of the park.


Same garden looking south to the Coachella valley.


Typical ridge of jumbled rocks on the north side.

Lots of climbers were out during my stay.


Joshua trees are large lilies.


Northside view near the Morongo basin.

The Morongo tribe…well, don’t get me started about casinos.


San Gorgonio pass in twilight.


San Gorgonio is the most windy spot in the U.S. mainland. 

Farms of (fantastically ugly) windmills generate power for Palm Springs near here.


Hey man…got any spare roadrunners?


Back in Arlington, Brett explains how his desert trip will be even better.