LA Vibe


Bunker Hill (Downtown core)






Valley Vibe

Looks like she’s talking to her water bottle.

Everyone in LA has a water bottle.

Even in church.


Truth in Panhandling

“Need a cold beer and a fat blunt



Venice Beach




Assorted Rants


Truth in Panhandling

“World’s Greatest Wino”

This guy was singing “Jingle bells, jingle bells, help me get drunk”,

His slogan: “Don’t want cappuccino, gimme vino!”


Da Hood


This is where I was born.

Pretty astonishing, considering the context.

I’d like to know this guy’s secret.

So would the DEA.


Two doors down


Bar around the corner


Across the street.

Sherry used to see the palm trees

And laugh at the idea that this area is a slum.


Your chance of dying by homicide in this area is 1 in 2,000.





This pic didn’t really come out. The unphotographable vibe was your typical Mexican family at lunch, despite Papi being in the chair and Jose having a Mohawk.

Location joke. You had to be there.




The Block
(Orange County hangout for everyone from the rich aerospace exec to the successful gangbanger, and a lot of middle class high school neopunk and skaters cuz there’s a skate park there. An outdoor middle class mall with occasional stabbings. The place where absolutely everyone goes.)





Nursing Home

(I hope mine’s as good as my aunt’s.)