Los Angeles 2006

First stop, Venice Beach. I always feel at home here.

Venice Beach is what LA is all about--you're just as likely to see stars, gangbangers and tourists.


This guy spent 20 minutes working up to jumping on a pile of broken glass, then didn't. Reminded me of the "Manfred the Wonder Dog" act at the Renaissance Festival, where the dog just laid there while the performer promised increasingly lavish trick and made increasingly lame and frantic excuses when nothing happened.

He kept a tough crowd entertained. Cops sweep through in groups of five and keep incompatible tattoos from mixing.

Cruel Michael Jackson parody

Not everyone was amused. This kid must like Michael Jackson.


Tagging wall

Sharon at tagging wall.


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Spent the first weekend with Luis and Jill.

Put more LA Dawgs in the Dawg Pound.

Serious guy stuff involving internal combustion.


"See, you don't have to be an outdoors bird to do this!"

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Picked up Sharon at LAX and went to Olvera Street.

Sharon on Olvera Street. This was LA's first street, and is now Mexican restaraunts and booths.

Cute kid on burro at Olvera Street


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Met a Pentacostal lady in a ski lift in Christchurch and promised to send her this picture. Funny thing is, I'd brought a Chinese friend from Canberra, and pumped her full of warnings about taking LA seriously (it has the same size and population as Sydney and 25x the homicide rate). To get here, I ended up driving straight thru Compton (potentially lethal at any time of day). Stopped to get gas. There were plenty of guys representing, wearing pastel blue shoes, cruising in beaters as drug deal lookouts. Since I was born in what is now a Crip hood in South Central, felt disloyal driving around in my bright red car.

This is the building today. Don't think the original one is standing.

Little Tokyo street market across the street.


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Kirtan group from Encinitas at SRF Convocation.

More Convocation pics on the Convocation page.


Whenever I'm in town, I make a jala yoga (union with food) pilgrimage to Wolfgang Puck's Chinoise on Main in Santa Monica.

Used bringing Sharon as an excuse to go there twice. Being Sharon, she instantly made friends with the staff and the fashion designer at the next table.


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Shari's apartment building. It overlooks a wildlife reserve that will never be developed.

Why am I still in DC?