San Predo and Catalina Island

Forget it

You're not going anywhere.

I just got back from boarding last week.

I'm not going through that again.




Fell in love with the girl next to me on the plane. So California--long brown hair, poised and knowing, but reflective. Reminded me of someone I used to do Tarot readings for at UCI. She had darkened all her windows, and had a wall full of poetry and a collection of herb teas.

The rest of the trip out was a series of minor annoyances. The TSA groper at Dulles actually managed to pull my shorts down (I hope Obama will have the bureaucratic guts to lower airport security to yellow.). Got a cell phone ticket within 15 min of hitting the road--they made it illegal while I was away (how un-Hollywood). Forgot which rental agency I'd used and went to the wrong one.The nylon line broke that holds my glasses together. But made it to my favorite restaraunt (Chinoise on Main) in Santa Monica for dinner, then down to San Pedro to be near the Catalina ferry for next morning.

And everywhere, everyone was speaking Spanish. It felt good to be back in a Spanish-spreaking country.

Los Angeles Harbor (San Pedro) from hotel room.


Cranes for containerized shipping.
At DHS, this is known as the container problem--zillions of containers rapidly flowing through, which ones to inspect? The heroin's probably in the welded-shut steel box filled with finger-cutting scrap metal (it's been done).


Ferry to Avalon, the town on Catalina
Parasailing. Maybe next time.


Avalon harbor
Avalon beach


Scuba guide Eric. He lives on island. I was his first and last client for the day, so we did the dive an hour early, and he went home. He said it's a tight-knit community on island--there's not that many people and they all know each other, for better or worse. Web pic of kelp forest and Garibaldi. Also saw a spiny Pacfic lobster, and the wreck of someone's yacht. The water temp was 72, good viz, we did a 40 min dive maxing out at 60'. The kelp forest was amazing--the streamers run from the bottom all the way 60' up to the top. Reminded me of the diving scene in Harry Potter.



Excellent Mexican restaraunt after dive. Bird in tree.


150cc Honda

The entertainment industry. Play by our rules or leave.


With Sharon at Olvera Street With Steven and Sharon on the Venice Beach boardwalk


Desserts at Wolfgang Puck's Chinoise on Main Sharon, Steven and I each got a dessert. To save calories, we split them three ways.


Chinese massage on Venice Beach. Didn't know Sharon was taking these.


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