Street scene
Cheltenham Road

D&D in the UK
In the UK you appear in character to go to the store. I was the only customer without leather pants and buckled kneeboots. In the States, we're hard put to stay in character while playing.  Shame on us.

Paki wit
he area north of the City is London's funk zone.

Professional punks.
Photograph them for a fee in Covent Gardens.
The only other mohawk I saw was on a Paki.  Things have moved on. Note the "granny mohawk"--the guy wouldn't be caught dead looking like this off the job.

Covent Gardens is where I encountered the Bird Man. 
The Bird Man was a gilded mime with (as far as I could tell) as classic New York morose pug face.  When he opened his mouth, fluent streams of birdsong emerged.  I tried to photograph him in vain--for 20 min he always managed to be turned the wrong way. Finally he came over to expostulate "It is very wrong to photograph me!" in a Bengali accent.  In my best German accent I replied "But you are very talented!" Whereupon he threatened to confiscate the camera.  Two days later I saw him doing acrobatics, sans gilding and accent.  A man after my own heart.

The Abbey of St. Consumer. 
Harrods puts the Hall of Luxury (expensive jewelry) next to a fishmarket.  For tea: orange mousse over a macaroon with a marzipan center, the whole coated in milk chocolate.

British ads are more clever
This one is marketing J02, a fruit drink, not as healthful, but as an alternative for the overindulgent.  Another JO2 ad reads "Ever mutter the words: I didn't, did I?"

And more subtle.

Tribute to British eccentricity?
Or reassurance for the perplexed that there is one?

Yanks.  Proper lemmings, aren't they?

Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner
Arrived with diatribe in mind.  The pigeons were disinterested.  This was mid-afternoon on a Friday, where was the action? My diatribe herewith:

An explanation is owned the British people concerning recent press reports that the U.S. blames Britain for instigating the war in Iraq thru faulty intelligence.  You should know that no one of any political persuasion holds that view.  Admirers of President. Bush blame the CIA, whose job it is to evaluate intelligence, including intelligence from friendly sources.  Detractors of Pretender Bush know that he would have his war whether or no, and knowinly used false information for lack of a convincing casus belli. Please be assured that it is safe to visit the U.S. without having the whole mess laid in your lap.