Curious, Very Curious


¡Que vivan los pieles rojos!



Always pictured this taxi leaving after dark.

(Los Muertos means “the dead”)



What do they know about chickens that we don’t?

Fuckin’ Chicken

(Can also be translated: What a tiny-ass chicken.)

Fuckin’ Chicken


North London




If Carlos Casteňada were still alive, and still my professor, I’d have to tell him I was within 60 miles of Ixtlan, and never made it. My best story about him is that I was walking with a friend after class, discussing whether or not Don Juan really existed…and a crow landed on my shoulder.  True story.





Walking past a local strip club, I heard the following pitch:


Byootiful ladies!

Big boobs!

BIG boobs!





¡Órale, no soy pendejo, soy tourista!



Since you’ll be shitting yourself anyway.

Denver International Airport