Natural Bridge – Lexington VA


Lexington—home of Stonewall Jackson and VMI—has an organic vegetarian

tempeh-serving hippie food restaurant. Must be for the Washington & Lee students.


Jackson rose at the same time every day, sat in a tub, and had a slave pour a large bucket of cold water over him.  Then he walked the same route through the town according to a precise schedule—you could set your watch by his location.  He taught natural philosophy (physics) at VMI, where he was detested for his complete humorlessness.  His artillery tactics course was much better received.


At the natural bridge, there is a recreation of an American Indian village—one of the Eastern tribes Hollywood didn’t tell us about. The lady below is baking bread

on a rock griddle.


This work shed had Venetians before the Venetians.




The actual natural bridge.  George Washington carved his initials in the cliff.

Today they’re highlighted with paint.


The great ice cream store deer meat debate occasioned by Andy’s new 30-30.

Sanjay isn’t convinced that once you’ve shot the deer, eating it is a moral null.



But Andy’s isn’t convinced it would be simpler to reintroduce

wolves on his property.




       These guys are glad we showed up in time.



Bilbo Saunders