Rotorua Movie Bonus Page

Here a short film clips from the volcanic park on North Island from last year's trip. Finally managed to get 'em uploaded.


Boiling Mud (.mov; 4MB)

Boiling Pit (.mov; 4MB)

Boiling Pool (.mov; 6MB)

Falls at the Buried Village (.mov; 16MB)

* Champaign Lane Pan (.mov; 14MB)

Fumes from Champaign Lake (.mov; 7MB)

* Large Geyser and Falls over Silicate Bed (.mov; 22MB)

Fumarole (.mov; 4MB)

* Geen Lake Pan (.mov; 21MB)

Champaign Lake Runoff Silicate Bed (.mov; 14MB)

Pan of Geyser's Silicate Bed (.mov; 21MB)

* The best ones