San Diego 09

Flew into San Diego for a week of meditation retreats at the SRF Encinitas Ashram, Ox Yoke Retreat, and Hidden Valley Ashram. Needed this--recently acquired a new project at work (State Dept. Global Visa System) that's in startup mode with an aggressive schedule and really intense.

Rex tries the Jedi mind trick to stop me from leaving.
Ruling Sharon's house from silk cushions while I'm away.
Back home on the Turquoise Throne


Arriving San Diego. I had two Expedia reservations at the same hotel on consecutive nights. In order to combine the reservations, the hotel gave me a better room than I'd paid and harbor view (see below).





The Encinitas retreat couldn't take me until Monday, so I drove up for the Sunday service, then back to San Diego, where I hung out in Old Town (mostly Mexican crafts stores and restaraunts). Spotted in the Old Town parking lot.

Despite growing up in LA, I didn't get into car culture that much. I did cruise Whittier Blvd. in a 59 Chevy and wouldn't mind having a low rider--a good paint job runs around $30K though.