Ox Yoke / Joshua Tree

Stopped by Cathedral City (low desert East of Palm Springs) to pick up Ram. I met him in Canberra, and he took me around India. He made South Indian food for the trip--including (Southern California meets Southern India) tortilla dosas.


Hot breakfast. We ran out of food after three days and went to Denny's for breakfast. Ram freaked out the staff by substituting japalenos for blueberries.


Ram and Jill live in an upscale trailer park. I'd pictured West Virginia, but the place is really nice and populated mostly by elderly snowbirds. Ram bicycles to work nights at an Indian casino. He regularly gets stopped by cops who are suddenly cool when they find out he's Indian (bicycling while black?)


One of the three Ox Yoke retreat cabins. They're in 29 Palms, North of Joshua Tree National Park


Near Barker's Dam in Joshua Tree. We did morning/evening meditations, then hiked the park days. I'd expected the temp to be upper 90s, but it was mid 80s, really pleasant.














Escondido/Hidden Valley