Meet the Schneiders

Bob is working on the car. Of course Bob is working on the car.

Bob and Francoise have a two-story house north of New Haven, two kids, a cat, and more leaves that I want to think about. The badminton net sees a lot of use every time I visit.


Here's the (tres bourgeois) neighborhood. No Wonder Wall in sight.

Inside, Francoise and Julia are preparing to transplant a power supply.

While Bob kickstarts his Thumper--similar to what Steve Simpson rode at UCI (except for the color). Bob bought it as a basket case for $40 and coaxed it back to life for not much more than that.  A miracle of skill and patience.  Took it for a spin around the farm country--it rides quite well.

Nathan has put claymation production aside while painting a large set of War Hammer miniatures.  He plans a follow-on to Native Arrow, but in a different genre.


In this house, even the cat is literate.

Bob and Francoise deal pragmatically with the rigors of non-tenured academic life.

Bob tries to shoot back, but he's not quick enough on the draw.

Francoise's study.  This is where undergraduate essays get graded.