West Virginia

Spring 05



Rode down to Andyís last weekend.Eight hours in the saddle down the spine of the Appalachians. This is my bike after I finished customizing.



As you can tell, I donít enjoy these trips particularly.


Andy built this biodiesel cracker from a third-generation open-source design. You can pump in vegetable or animal fat, heat to 120, cook with a home-made methyl sodium compound. The glycerol cracks off and sinks to the bottom, where it can be drained off.With the remaining oil is carbon chains with low viscosity. The methanol can be condensed and recycled.


Yes, it would do nicely as a meth lab. Andy is careful not to buy lye and methanol (liquid Heat) on the same trip as Sudafed. WalMart registers are programmed to flag such sales.



Hereís the last DEA agent to come snooping around. We got 36mpg.

Damn revenooers.



This unit washes the biodiesel with water to remove particulates and solubles.



Amaya did a science fair project about the electrochemistry of fruit. Andy is helping her pick out clip art.





Amayaís presentation.This was written by a first grader.Andy didnít help with any of the text.

The judges ended up creating a new over-the-top award category for her.

Amaya can also give the scientific names of local plants, and explain why elements at the right of the periodic table donít interact (Full K or L shell).


Andy has set up his home office as a Shinto shrine. The bookcase holds the requisite number of (computer) books on the proper side.Andy doesnít use them because he looks stuff up online, but you canít beat the feng shue.


From left: Amaya, Cleo, George Sand, Dusty.


Amayaís umbrella fort





Alex blesses me with handfuls of lemon balm.